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Contact Us

Jet Environmental Testing Inc.

Phone: (631) 331-3811 C-(516) 695-6008

Fax:     (631) 642-7499

Email: Hours of Operation:

Sun-Fri: 8am-6pmSat: Closed

We Will Be Closed For The Following Holidays In 2018: 

Biblical New Year (1st day of Aviv)

Sabbath-  Every Saturday

Saturday  April 20st  Passover 

Saturday  April 27th Unleavened Bread

Sunday  June 9th Shavuot

Monday  Sept. 30th  T’ruah– Feast of Trumpets

Wednesday Oct. 9th – Yom Kipurim (Day of Atonement)

Monday  Oct. 14th – Sukot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Monday Oct. 21st – Sukot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Thurs. Nov. 28nd Thanksgiving Day

Khanukah Sun. Dec. 22nd to Mon. Dec. 30th